Infectious diseases

Our strategic planning of therapeutic areas for development of new and generic drugs, as well as cellular products is based on the in-depth analysis of the patient population needs in the Russian Federation for various medical products and treatments. Currently, we are pursuing research and development of therapies for the following diseases and pathological conditions.

Infectious diseases continue to play a significant role in the structure of the population morbidity. Among those, diseases such as tuberculosis (TB), hepatitis B and human papillomavirus infection are of the utmost importance due to the difficulties in their diagnostics and treatment.

IBC “Generium” in collaboration with the leading pharmaceutical companies has started the development of novel therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of human papillomavirus infection and hepatitis B. For more accurate diagnostics of TB and prevention of unnecessary treatment, the company has developed and is already marketing Diaskintest® — a new, highly accurate and simple diagnostic product.

Our products:

GNR-007 Protein based Biosimilar Preclinical trials in vivo