Our strategic planning of therapeutic areas for development of new and generic drugs, as well as cellular products is based on the in-depth analysis of the patient population needs in the Russian Federation for various medical products and treatments. Currently, we are pursuing research and development of therapies for the following diseases and pathological conditions:

Malignant tumours are the second leading cause of death in Russia and in the World after cardiovascular diseases.

Solid tumours

Solid tumours prevail in the human oncological diseases. Existing therapies are not always adequately effective and safe. Many chemotherapeutic drugs carry serious, life-threatening side effects. The development of effective and relatively safe therapies for solid tumours is one of the primary objectives of our company. Now we have Apagin® in our development pipeline, which is capable to inhibit the growth of blood vessels and, therefore, cut the blood supply to the tumour without serious adverse effects inherent in other similar medications. This therapeutic is currently undergoing phase III clinical trial.

Haematological tumours (lymphomas)

A significant progress has been made recently in the treatment of lymphomas and haematological malignancies. However, the availability and efficacy of these anticancer drugs still has a lot of space for improvement. Our company offer two solutions to this problem: we have developed a generic product and now working on development of novel, more effective therapeutics. The first solution is the development of a biosimilar to the drug MabThera™ (Rituximab) that has already shown its efficacy. This product is at the stage of laboratory production and preparation for preclinical testing.

Our products:

GNR-006 Protein based Biosimilar Clinical trial permission has been granted
GNR-011 Protein based Innovative Phase II-III clinical studies
GNR-022 Protein based Innovative Preclinical trials in vivo
GNR-027 Protein based Biosimilar Preclinical trials in vivo